Patricia Frumkin
With offices in Mountain View and Palo Alto
Phone: (650) 856-4091

About Dr. Frumkin

License PSY13185

A graduate of California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) in Berkeley, Dr. Patricia Frumkin is a licensed psychologist with more than 20 years of broad clinical experience in various mental health settings. Currently, Dr. Frumkin devotes most of her time to her private practice where she works with individuals and couples who are dealing with issues relating to relationships, anxiety, depression and health. She leads an on-going, weekly group for high-functioning women where they support one another and give candid feedback. Self-esteem and relationship issues are common themes.

Dr. Frumkin also treats patients and their loved ones one day per week at California Cancer Care in San Mateo. Most of these individuals are dealing with issues surrounding the diagnosis of cancer, living with cancer, and for some, the reality of death and dying.

In addition to a Ph.D., Dr. Frumkin has a Masters in Public Health (MPH). She has a longstanding interest in issues surrounding nutrition and exercise.

Dr. Patricia Frumkin
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